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The Best Methods For Cleaning Your Carpets

by Peter
Carpet Cleaning

It isn’t always the best move to rent one of those industrial carpet cleaners from your local grocery store. Unless your carpets are severely soiled, you can keep your carpet looking brand new with common household products!

Combine 1/4 cup of your favorite dishwashing liquid (make sure that it doesn’t contain bleach!) and mix into one gallon of warm water – make sure to mix it thoroughly! Test a hidden section of the carpet to make sure there is no discoloration. Working only a few square feet at a time, spray the solution over the carpet and use a medium-bristle brush to work the solution into the carpet. Use a clean, damp sponge and remove the soap residue, repeating as necessary until all the soap is gone.

Rub each spot dry with a clean towel. A cloth diaper works great and doesn’t leave lint. Work section by section until the carpet is clean. For stubborn stains, try club soda. Apply a bit to the stain and blot until the stain is gone. Once your entire carpet is clean and stain-free, use several box fans to help dry the carpet. If you or your family will need to walk over the carpet, lay down an old sheet to protect it until it’s dry. If you have wool carpeting, you can use the same process, but instead of the dishwashing liquid, try Woolite.

What About Those Tricky Spots?

Gum can be one of the worst substances to remove from carpet. Try to catch it as soon as possible, and pull up as much as you can before it sets. To remove the remainder, freeze it with an ice cube and pick it away. Once froze, it should be easy to remove. Store-bought products, such as De-Solv-It, can work on gum, and other sticky stains such as tar, grease, or wax.

You can also hire a cleaning service company in order to help you with cleaning specially if its and end of tenancy cleaning. You can easily calculate the estimate cost of the cleaning through end of tenancy cleaning calculator.

For those annoying dents caused by furniture, ice can be a lifesaver again. Simply put an ice cub in each dent and let them melt. Blot up the water with a clean towel, and fluff with a brush. You can rearrange your furniture as often as you like!

All you need are items that you probably already have around the house, and you can get your carpet as clean like a professional!

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